Xinhua Silk Road: First Nanchang Shengjin Tower Forum spotlights integrated development of cultural, tourism industries

Xinhua Silk Road: First Nanchang Shengjin Tower Forum spotlights integrated development of cultural, tourism industries

BEIJING, /PRNewswire/ — Themed on “lighting up cultural tourism landmarks, igniting urban development engine”, and with the aim of accelerating the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry and commercial economy, the 2024 first Nanchang Shengjin Tower Forum kicked off Saturday in Xihu District of Nanchang, the capital city of east China’s Jiangxi Province.

The event has attracted experts, business representatives and internet celebrities from cultural and tourism circles nationwide in China.

In 2023, Xihu District received more than 27 million tourists throughout the year, with a comprehensive tourism income of more than 10 billion yuan, and the Wanshou Palace Historical and Cultural District set a new record of 500,000 single-day passenger flows, Tao Yiguo, secretary of the Xihu District Party Committee of Nanchang City, introduced.

Xihu District is rich in red cultural resources, which is precious, said Zhu Hong, professor of Nanchang University. Integrated development of red culture and tourism will be achieved through the integration of content, functions, resources, technology, talents, and markets, noted Zhu.

During the forum, a round table focused on the long-term development of historical and cultural districts, as well as urban rebranding, commercial and trade development was held. Experts suggested that digital technology should be used to empower the development of the cultural tourism industry, and actively cultivate new formats, new scenes, and new products of tourism consumption scenarios.

At the forum, 36 high-quality projects were signed, including industrial park, steel supply chain, asset transaction management service platform, etc., with a total amount of 3.84 billion yuan and among which 11 project amount exceeded 100 million yuan.

Those signed projects are characterized by large investment volume, high technology content, strong driving ability and good market prospects, which are highly consistent with the leading industrial structure of Xihu District, and will effectively promote the continuous growth of industrial scale and industrial structure transformation, Yang Shen, head of Xihu District noted.

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