Wild Party: Terengganu Government Summons Resort Owner

Wild Party: Terengganu Government Summons Resort Owner

KUALA LUMPUR: The owner of a private resort on Lang Tengah Island will be summoned on Thursday regarding the circulation of several photos and posters depicting a wild party being organized at the resort.

State Exco for Tourism, Culture, Environment, and Climate Change, Datuk Razali Idris, said the concerned party has been asked to provide an explanation regarding the issue that went viral on social media since Tuesday.

According to him, the meeting will also involve the Terengganu Religious Affairs Department (JHEAT) and the Kuala Terengganu City Council (MBKT).

“We will investigate this matter first; if there is any wrongdoing in terms of regulations or any act, we will take action.

“We will first examine the response from the private premises before taking any action, whether it is wrong in terms of entertainment guidelines, tourism, or permit approval,” he said, citing the official state government portal on Tuesday night.

Razali also urged the public to provide any information regarding the issue to the authorities.

“If there is evidence of rule-breaking or if there are Muslims involved in the party, please report it to the religious office for further investigation.

“Insya-Allah, we will work together to protect and develop our state’s tourism sector,” he said.

On Tuesday, posters and photos showing women in revealing clothing attending a wild party named Aloha Party, allegedly held on the island, went viral.

The images garnered widespread attention, with many commenting that such parties are not suitable to be held in the state.

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