We will not use customer work to train AI – Adobe

We will not use customer work to train AI – Adobe

ADOBE released an official statement on Friday stating that they will not be using customer work to train their Firefly artificial intelligence.

The statement came after changes to the terms and conditions of service (TOS) for Adobe Creative Cloud went viral on social media, angering users of their creative software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.

Among the changes to the TOS that cause concern for customers is the clause that Adobe can access the user’s work to improve service quality.

This is seen as Adobe accessing customer files in the Adobe Cloud to train the latest models of generative AI.

Adobe has made it clear that they are committed to not using user data to train AI.

Instead, they only train models using works that have been licensed or that are now in the public domain.

Access to client work is only done when needed, such as accessing Photoshop Neural Filters, Liquid Mode, and Remove Background features, which require client files to be sent to a browser in the cloud for processing.

They will also not take the rights to the works of customers, as claimed on social media.

With this official statement, Adobe hopes that any confusion regarding the use of files and the rights to the customer’s work has been clarified.

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