Warner Music Group opens new hub in Rio ft collaborative spaces and studio

Warner Music Group opens new hub in Rio ft collaborative spaces and studio

Reaffirming its dedication to Brazil’s artistic and creative community, Warner Music Group inaugurates the Warner Music Space – a dynamic and inviting headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

The newly established hub integrates the operations of Warner Music Brazil, Warner Chappell Music Brazil, and ADA Brazil, with a design aimed at fostering vibrancy and interaction.  Warner Music Space encompasses a range of creative zones, including studios, lounges, diverse workstations, an acoustic performance stage, and an event arena.

Situated strategically in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, the location embodies Warner Music Group’s commitment to flexible models, solidifying its identity by offering a dynamic and collaborative environment.  Covering 2,000 square meters and accommodating up to 300 individuals, the space—crafted by Athié|Wohnrath over eight months—captures the essence of contemporary music creation and consumption trends in Brazil and worldwide.

Moreover, Warner Music Space signifies a new chapter for Warner Music Brazil, introducing four recording studios—a pioneering venture for the label in the country.  Noteworthy additions also include a studio dedicated to short content production, promoting flexibility and agility in creative processes.

Leila Oliveira, President of Warner Music Brazil, expresses her excitement: “We are thrilled about the unveiling of our new home.  Our aim is to provide partners and collaborators with an inviting and liberating space for creation.  Featuring a spectrum of resources, from recording studios to collaborative lounges, we envision our new office as a vital hub for artists across Brazil—a space where novel ideas and expressions come to life.

The primary objective of Warner Music Space is to cultivate entertainment, providing artists, songwriters, influencers, and content producers a conducive environment for interaction and creation.  This development further underscores the company’s commitment to amplifying artistic expression and contributing to Brazilian culture and the music scene.

Marcel Klemm, President, Warner Chappell Music Brazil, emphasizes the significance of this collaborative initiative: “Warner Music Space is not merely a physical location; it symbolizes Warner Chappell’s dedication to nurturing artistic expression and fostering innovative collaborations.  We are eager to share this distinctive environment with our songwriters and the artistic community—a convergence point for creative minds to explore new frontiers in music and content creation.

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