Vladimir Putin Will Take The Oath of Office As Russian President For Fifth Term

Vladimir Putin Will Take The Oath of Office As Russian President For Fifth Term

MOSCOW: Vladimir Putin will take the oath as President of Russia for the fifth term on Tuesday in the capital, Moscow, reported Anadolu Agency.

The ceremony, scheduled to take place at the Kremlin, marks the beginning of Putin’s six-year term after winning 87 percent of the vote in the Presidential Election held in March.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, the current Russian government will be replaced by a new cabinet with the approval of the country’s parliament through a constitutional amendment in 2020.

In this regard, Putin will present the candidate for prime minister to the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, for approval.

Although the parliament has the power to accept or reject the proposed candidate, Putin can appoint the prime minister directly without parliamentary approval if the representatives reject the candidate three times.

In such a case, Putin also has the right to dissolve the parliament and hold parliamentary elections.
According to local media, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is expected to be reappointed because he is seen as a successful leader based on the country’s economic growth despite ongoing conflicts with Ukraine and economic sanctions by the West.

Putin will directly appoint ministers of foreign affairs, defense, justice, emergencies, and internal affairs with the advice of the Federation Council, the highest council of the Russian Parliament.

It is said that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu will retain their positions while changes are not expected for ministers related to the economy and finance.

However, due to public criticism of the ministries of education, sports, and cultural policy, changes may occur in the related ministries, and a youth ministry may be established.

Under Russian law, the process of approving the new government can last until May 20, although it is expected that the list of prime minister candidates and the council of ministers will be submitted to parliament immediately after the ceremony.

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