Uniting Sarawak, Sabah natives under one identity shouldn’t be political, says rep

Uniting Sarawak, Sabah natives under one identity shouldn’t be political, says rep

Unification should instead aim for social, cultural, business advancement, says assemblyman.

ANY move to unite the indigenous peoples of Sarawak and Sabah under one identity should only be for social-cultural-business advancements and not for political purposes, said Telang Usan assemblyman Datuk Dennis Ngau.

Ngau, who is also chairman of the Sarawak Kayan Ethnic Association, said if politics were to be the focus of such a unification agenda, it would become “very complicated and messy”.

“The idea of uniting all the natives of Sarawak and Sabah under one common identity needs very careful and an in-depth study first. “There must be more internal discussions among all the ethnic organisations.

“Their purpose of unification must be for agendas related to advancement and progress on the social, cultural and business fronts. “They must not venture into politics as that can get too complicated and messy,” he told The Vibes.

Ngau, who is also Sarawak Tourism Board chairman, said it will be a good start if all the native organisations of Sarawak and Sabah can convene a dialogue. “This sort of gathering will be a good venue to kick-start the unification idea,” he said.

On May 6, a Sarawak deputy minister said the indigenous communities of both Sarawak and Sabah should unite under one common identity. By uniting under one giant identity, the natives of Malaysian Borneo will have a very strong voice, said

Sarawak Deputy Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Gerald Jabu.

– May 8, 2024

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