Unions commend HR Minister for appointing representative into office

Unions commend HR Minister for appointing representative into office

Workers’ Unions across the country laud the inclusion of one of their own into Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong’s office. UNI-Malaysia Labour Centre (UNI-MLC) President Datuk Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal described the appointment of Chee Yeeh Ceeu as the Minister’s special duties officer as a step in the right direction for labour movements in the country.

“In addition to his role as the former Treasurer-General of the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE), Chee is also an activist within UNI-Malaysia Labour Centre, bringing nearly 15 years of experience in union movements.

“His expertise is expected to make a significant contribution to the Minister’s efforts in the affairs of Labour Union Movements and the welfare of workers in Malaysia,” said Shafie in a statement.

He added that UNI-Malaysia Labour Centre looks forward to more engagement sessions between the Minister and various labor unions, including the prompt activation of the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) for the betterment of the workers’ future.”

Other than Shafie, Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) President Mohd Effendy Abdul Ghani also praised the appointment and thanked the Minister for the inclusion of a labour union voice in the administration.

“The presence of Chee within the government administration, especially in the Ministry of Human Resources, is a platform for the Labour Union to contribute views and suggestions directly to the Minister.

“Progressive Wages, Social Protection, and several critical employment issues in the country are currently the priorities for workers in Malaysia, requiring the attention of the Ministry of Human Resources. At the same time, the good relationship established between MTUC and the Ministry needs to be maintained at an optimum level so that the workforce in Malaysia can benefit from the nation’s prosperity,” said Effendy in a statement.

Meanwhile, The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) President Datuk Adnan Mat welcomed the openness of the ministry in appointing a representative from the workers’ union as a member of the Minister’s office.

“The appointment of Chee symbolises the Minister of Human Resources’ openness in fostering good relations with the working population, particularly by directly hearing the perspectives of the grassroots.

“Cuepacs believes that this appointment will have a positive impact, especially in empowering and enhancing the welfare of workers in Malaysia,” said Adnan in a statement while adding that Chee’s involvement is expected to bring the voice of workers directly to the appropriate channels without any bureaucratic hindrance.

Other than that, Adnan also expressed hope that the Minister of Human Resources remained open to issues brought forth by workers’ unions, ensuring that the collaborative efforts of both parties have the best possible impact on the country and its workforce.

Yesterday, Sim announced that the Human Resources Ministry will take immediate steps to implement the Progressive Wage Policy pilot project to enable workers to earn more dignified and fairer salaries.

According to him, the matter was among several new decisions he has made based on the three main thrusts he wanted to emphasise in the ministry, which are strengthening welfare, improving skills and increasing worker productivity.

In addition, he had also directed HRD Corp to discontinue the “Skills Passport” initiative as it was found to be no longer suitable and has been delayed for over a year.


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