UN to vote on resolution demanding recognition of Palestine as full member state

UN to vote on resolution demanding recognition of Palestine as full member state

NEW YORK,. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly is set to vote tomorrow on a resolution demanding the recognition of Palestine as a full member state, akin to other nations worldwide, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The vote on the resolution will take place in the 193-member UN General Assembly tomorrow at 10 am New York time, serving as a global survey of support for Palestine’s full membership request in the international organization.

Assistant Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs for the UN and its specialized agencies, Omar Awadallah, told WAFA that Palestine meets the conditions for acceptance of membership outlined in Article 4 of the UN Charter.

Passing the resolution requires a two-thirds vote of the UN General Assembly, which would signify Palestine’s eligibility to become a full member state, enhancing its legal status in the UN and its affiliated organizations.

Awadallah explained that General Assembly recognition of Palestine as a full member state would enable it to sit among member states alphabetically, speak on any agenda item at the UN, address international groups on its behalf, and submit resolutions in its name.

He affirmed Palestine’s right to full membership and self-determination, noting that 144 countries recognize it and that it fulfills all obligations and responsibilities in UN institutions required for full membership.

Earlier this month, Palestine submitted a request to the Security Council to reconsider its 2011 application for full UN membership.

The United States exercised its veto power on April 18 to prevent Palestine from obtaining full membership.

At that time, a resolution presented by Algeria, recommending that the General Assembly accept the State of Palestine as a member of the United Nations, was supported by 12 of the 15 Security Council members, with the United States opposing it and Britain and Switzerland abstaining.

Currently, Palestine holds observer state status, a designation granted by the UN General Assembly in 2012.


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