UAE announces success in sending 400 tons of food aid to Gaza residents

UAE announces success in sending 400 tons of food aid to Gaza residents

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE), through close cooperation with the American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera), announced the successful delivery of 400 tons of food aid to Gaza residents, specifically targeting the northern Gaza Strip.

The Emirates News Agency reported that the delivery and distribution of food will save lives for 120,000 people, in line with the UAE’s commitment to provide assistance and address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Minister of International Cooperation Reem Al Hashimy said the successful delivery and distribution of food aid to the Gaza Strip, especially in northern Gaza, marks a significant increase in those efforts.

“We remain committed to our stance of solidarity with the Palestinian people to alleviate the suffering of the population in the Gaza Strip.

“The UAE, in collaboration with international partners, is more determined than ever to intensify all efforts to ensure that aid reaches those who are most in need,” she said.

President and CEO of Anera, Sean Carroll, said the organization and those receiving its services greatly appreciate the assistance from the government and people of the UAE, which enables them to deliver food aid to northern Gaza.

Following a $15 million allocation under the Amalthea Fund to support aid delivery to Gaza, the UAE continues to cooperate with partners and international organizations to deliver aid and food by land, sea, and air routes to strengthen humanitarian response and meet the needs of the population in the Peninsula.

The UAE has delivered more than 31,000 tons of immediate humanitarian supplies, including food, essential items, and medical supplies, through 256 flights, 46 airdrops, 1,231 trucks, and six ships.

Additionally, the UAE has initiated several other sustainable aid projects to provide water and food to the people in Gaza.

These efforts include the construction of five automatic bakeries to meet the needs of 72,000 people, supplying flour to eight existing bakeries to meet the needs of 17,140 people, and building six desalination plants that benefit 600,000 people daily.

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