TTV Chinese New Year Special – The 2024 TTV SUPER STAR

TTV Chinese New Year Special – The 2024 TTV SUPER STAR

TAIPEI, /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV)’s New Year’s Eve television special SUPER STAR will be staged on January 27th, 2024, at the Taipei Arena. Celebrities at the 2024 TTV SUPER STAR event will deliver various performances ranging from pop to classics that cater to all ages, celebrating Chinese New Year together with the Mandarin-speaking population worldwide. LE SSERAFIM from South Korea will make their first appearance in Taiwan, set to sweep the Taipei Arena. Recently, TTV also announced a strong lineup of over 30 acts, including Energy, GX (GBOYSWAG & XIAO BING CHIH), MC HotDog, Ozone, TRASH, W0LF(S), YELLOW, Sung Nien-yu, Cosmos People, Eve Ai, Lee Ivy, Accusefive, Kenji Wu, Aquaman, Where Chou, Yoga Lin, Pei-Yu Hung, Hua Chen, Jacky ChenYuki Hsu, Power Station, Gigi Leung Wing KeiWan Fang, Kasiwa, MJ116, Carris Tsai, Crowd Lu, Jam Hsiao and others. They will deliver spectacular performances to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the global Chinese audience.

TTV has been producing and airing the SUPER STAR program for the past 14 years. SUPER STAR is the largest Chinese New Year’s Eve concert program in the world. Every year, well-known Mandarin-speaking singers and international SUPER STARs are invited to participate in a singing competition formed by two teams: red and white teams, where the winning team will be voted on by the audience. This year, the TTV SUPER STAR event will commence at the Taipei Arena to celebrate the coming of the new year.

The South Korean trending girl group LE SSERAFIM will make their first performance in Taiwan at the 2024 TTV SUPER STAR. The members have expressed their excitement to meet their Taiwanese fans, known officially as FEARNOT. The group leader, CHAEWON, shared a heartfelt message: “Thank you to the FEARNOTs in Taiwan for your continuous support despite the distance. We look forward to creating beautiful memories together in 2024!”

Pop music megastars Jam Hsiao and Yoga Lin will serve as leaders for this year’s SUPER STAR, leading two teams in a performance battle. Jam Hsiao, returning to the SUPER STAR stage after three years, will once again take on the role of the Red Team leader and will kick off the show with a spectacular opening. Yoga Lin, who has just finished the Taipei leg of his world tour concert, will be the White Team leader for the first time this year. He stated that he will bring the warmest blessings through his songs during the Lunar New Year. With over 30 superstar acts coming together to perform, audiences around the world are eagerly awaiting.

The 2024 TTV SUPER STAR will be launched on January 27th at the Taipei Arena and will be broadcast on TTV on Lunar New Year’s Eve (February 9th, 2024).

The online exclusive will be aired on MyVideo, and international broadcasting platforms include Singapore StarHub, Astro in Malaysia and Brunei, and and TTV SUPER STAR official YouTube channel (except in Taiwan and overseas licensed areas). There will be reruns on TTV HD Live, Unique Business News, North American Tiger tech (including USA and Canada), and so on. People all around the world can experience the Chinese New Year atmosphere of SUPER STAR through the above platforms!

SOURCE Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd.

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