Transforming Vegetable Garden into a Water Theme Park for Children

Transforming Vegetable Garden into a Water Theme Park for Children

KUALA LUMPUR: Out of love for his six children, a father is willing to invest hundreds of thousands of ringgit to transform a mini garden behind his house in a district in Selangor into a mini water theme park. Perhaps uncommon, but that’s what businessman Shukrie Ab Rahim, 37, did to bring joy to his six children, aged between three and 11, who are avid fans of water activities.

“Originally, the land space was a mini garden managed since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020. Various types of vegetables were planted, including water spinach, chili, long beans, sponge gourd, tomatoes, mustard, and okra… all for personal consumption.

“However, the children got bored because they couldn’t go out of the house, which prompted me to build it, especially since the children always ask to go to a theme park after the end of the MCO,” he told Bernama.

According to him, the mini water theme park, measuring about 21 x 15 square meters or the size of a futsal court, was built in stages starting from the process of planning, digging the land, installing games, planting trees, and creating the overall landscape.

It began construction in 2021 and was completed a year later, equipped with a swimming pool, water play area, water slide, mini zoo, and surrounded by mulberry and grape trees as well as fountains.

Moreover, to create an atmosphere as if in a real or commercial water theme park, the landscape around the area is also equipped with various other facilities such as a gym room, surau (prayer room), toilets, stalls, delivery rooms, self-service machines, and resting areas.

Shukrie said one of the main purposes of building the mini water theme park is to create a gathering place for family and relatives, including about 60 of his employees.
“Each of us has a large family… there are family members, especially the younger generation, who did not know each other before. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), indirectly, it becomes a field for them to get to know each other and strengthen family ties.

“It is also the best location to gather and engage in recreational activities with workers and their families. This is the time for us to strengthen our relationships. Moreover, instead of all of us gathering outside, it is better for us to gather here,” he said.

At the same time, he said, the mini water theme park is also open for recreational activities for the sponsored orphans from the HALO Prihatin Jalinan Kasih Home in Cheras and the HALO Prihatin Ainul Kasih Home in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

“It is among the corporate social responsibility activities of my company through the ‘Happy Bersama’ (Happy Together) concept. I want to share blessings and bring happiness to them, and they can play to their heart’s content.

“Sometimes, friends of the children from the same school also come here to play together… I always welcome guests to come to the house… but only those known to us,” he said.
The story of the mini water theme park went viral on the TikTok app after being uploaded by his wife, Norashikin Nordin, 35, garnering 4.7 million views since last October.

Norashikin, who is expecting her seventh child, said they received mostly positive feedback, but there were also criticisms.

“Most of it is positive, thinking that I was joking and couldn’t believe it. Some suddenly offered to come for a swim. Some also asked if we provide homestay services.
“I accept all comments with an open heart because my purpose in sharing the video is for memories only,” she said.


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