TikTok tests AI-powered search feature

TikTok tests AI-powered search feature

TikTok is experimenting with an enhanced search feature, utilising generative AI to provide more comprehensive search results. Dubbedsearch highlights’, this feature showcases AI-generated snippets at the top of certain search result pages, offering users a glimpse into the full response by clicking through.

Initial tests reveal AI-generated responses for queries ranging from recipes to product recommendations, such as ‘best laptops 2024’.

Powered by ChatGPT, TikTok’s AI search results aim to surface relevant content based on user queries. However, the feature has limitations, with not all searches yielding AI-generated answers.

Some search queries display results generated by ChatGPT alongside a broader ‘search highlights’ feature.
The birth of the new search tool, backed by AI, reflects TikTok’s ongoing efforts to enhance its in-app search functionality, aligning with users’ habits, particularly among younger demographics.

Recognizing TikTok’s role as a search destination for recommendations and information, the platform previously experimented with integrating Google Search results and direct links to external websites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

By incorporating AI-driven results prominently, TikTok aims to cater to users’ preferences and further solidify its position as a go-to platform for discovering diverse content.

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