Tian Chua Scrutinized Under Peace Assembly Act, Demanding Thorough Audit, Praising PM Efforts for International Stance on Palestine

Tian Chua Scrutinized Under Peace Assembly Act, Demanding Thorough Audit, Praising PM Efforts for International Stance on Palestine

Kuala Lumpur: Social activist Tian Chua and some other Solidariti Palestin activists were called to give their statements under likely charge of Peace Assembly Act at IPD Sentul today. It is related to the protest against the presence of a prominent arms manufacturer alleged to be a supplier to Israel, held here on May 7 in front of the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC).

“Our presence, the activists of ‘Solidarity for Palestine,’ at MITEC last week was due to the participation of several companies linked to genocide, especially BAE and Lockheed Martin.

According to Tian Chua, Malaysia’s position on the international scene is contradicted by the involvement of Lockheed Martin, BAE, and numerous other defense contractors.

“Their participation is a significant contradiction to the solidarity efforts carried out by the Malaysian people and government.

“We express our disappointment to the organizers, who should took full responsibility on this matter and promised not to let this happen again to avoid embarrassing the government.

Tian Chua also suggested taking more profound and stricter steps to ensure the government’s commitment to the Palestinian issue does not only take place on international platforms and forums.

“We demand that the government take more thorough procedures to audit all government’s actions to make sure that no official activities are connected to or involved with the escalating persecution or genocide of Palestinian people by Zionists.

“Apart from taking a stand on international platforms, the government should conduct an internal audit to ensure none of our investments or economic activities are connected to Israel or US companies that support Israel’s genocidal activities.

Tian Chua described the presence of the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence official, Brian Nelson, with certain ‘warnings’ as an arrogant act by the United States.

“We detect an increase in diplomatic maneuvers by certain foreign powers trying to weaken Malaysia’s pro-Palestine stance.

“We heard a delegation from the US Treasury come to check whether Malaysia is financially or commercially aiding Hamas and Iran.

“In my opinion, this arrogant action by the US shows they do not respect our national sovereignty.

“This is also an intimidation against our country.

Tian Chua urged the government to take a brave stance and not entertain any interference from major powers trying to pressure Malaysia.

“Therefore, we hope the government takes an independent and courageous stance, not entertaining any interference efforts by major powers trying to pressure us.

“I hope the government continues this firm stance, not bowing to any threats from major powers.

Previously, international news agencies reported that a top sanctions official from the US Treasury would be visiting Singapore and Malaysia to block funds to Iran and its proxies, as well as to prevent sanctions evasion against Russia.

“I also regret that some major countries, which do not respect international law and lack humanity, continue to unconditionally support Israel financially and with weapons while pointing fingers at other countries for allegedly financing terrorism-related countries.

“This is a very arrogant action and does not respect our national sovereignty.

In this regard, Tian Chua praised Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for continuing to defend the country’s stance, condemning the atrocities in Palestine and anything related to Zionist Israel.

“Frankly, I am also proud of the Prime Minister for showing this clear stance for Malaysia. Yesterday in Qatar, our PM expressed support for the Palestinian liberation struggle.”

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