These were the favorite destinations of Mexicans during 2023

These were the favorite destinations of Mexicans during 2023

During the vibrant year that ended, Despegar became the ally of more than 1.4 million Mexicans who used the platform to explore both national and international destinations.

MEXICO CITY , January 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Despegar , a leading travel company in Latin America, shares the preferred travel destinations of Mexican users during the year 2023. With an exhaustive analysis of the data collected, the platform shows favorite destinations both national and international, highlighting the most visited places and the special characteristics that make them so attractive. The travel company points out that more than 1.4 million Mexicans traveled the world with Despegar, of which 900 thousand chose to discover the wonders of Mexico with national trips, making the month of December the most active period.

In the national territory, Mexicans have demonstrated their preference for coastal and cultural destinations; these were the three preferred national destinations during 2023:

Cancun: With its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, Cancun continues to be the favorite destination for Mexicans. Its world-class resorts and vibrant nightlife make Cancun an unparalleled place to relax and enjoy. As if that were not enough, this paradise shone with its own light as the favorite destination during the end-of-year festivities, consolidating itself as the epicenter of the celebrations.

Mexico City (CDMX) : The country’s capital remains a popular option. The cultural wealth, historical architecture and diverse gastronomic offer make CDMX a unique destination for travelers.

Guadalajara : With its traditional charm and vibrant arts scene, Guadalajara is positioned as the third most chosen national destination. The city offers a combination of history, folklore and modernity.

Regarding preferences for international destinations in the year that has just ended, Mexicans explored vibrant and fascinating cities, the three main options were:

Las Vegas : The city of entertainment and gambling, Las Vegas attracts Mexican travelers with its dazzling lights, world-famous shows and unique entertainment experience.

New York : The Big Apple continues to be a magnet for travelers with its iconic architecture, Broadway theaters and unmatched energy. New York offers a cosmopolitan experience that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Madrid : The Spanish capital conquers third place. Madrid offers rich history, impressive architecture, and a vibrant food scene that delights Mexican travelers.

” Despegar celebrates these positive results and is committed to continuing to offer Mexican users unique and memorable travel experiences in 2024. For more information and to explore travel options, remember that we have different packages for various destinations around the world.’ ‘ said Santiago Elijovich, Country Manager MX

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