Thailand plans to launch more products and services to lure Malaysian travellers

Thailand plans to launch more products and services to lure Malaysian travellers

BANGKOK, (NNN-Bernama) — The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to launch more tourist products and services to attract Malaysians to travel beyond Bangkok and Hatyai, with a focus on exciting new tourist offerings in the central, north and northeast.

Governor of TAT Thapanee Kiatphaibool said Malaysians topped the list of tourists visiting Thailand, with 4.56 million visitors among the 2023 total of 28 million.

She said travel data showed that Malaysian travellers were searching for more diverse tourist activities while also spending more time in Thailand.

“Last year, Thailand welcomed many Malaysians, some crossing the border, others flying directly, alongside a wave of new Malaysian tourists exploring Thailand.

“Data showed Malaysian travellers are expanding their short-haul destinations like Hatyai and venturing further to explore the north, northeast, and central regions of Thailand. This is a positive sign for Thailand’s tourism industry.

“We are excited to welcome more Malaysian tourists in 2024 to discover Thailand,” she told Bernama.

Thapanee said TAT will launch more tourist products and activities in other regions to woo short-haul travellers, especially in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries this year.

According to a recent tourism study covering the first to third quarter of 2023, the average length of stay for tourists in Thailand was 3.43 days, with average spending per trip reaching 16,588 Baht.

In 2023, Thailand, known as ‘The Land of Smiles,’ hosted a total of 28 million international visitors. This influx significantly boosted tourism revenue, amounting to 1.2 trillion baht (approximately US$35.02 billion).

The top five nationalities that visited Thailand are Malaysians (4.56 million), Chinese (3.51 million), South Koreans (1.65 million), Indians (1.62 million), and Russians (1.48 million).

Thailand expects to receive 35 million visitors in 2024 – short of the record 39.8 million arrivals and 1.91 trillion baht in revenue it generated in 2019.


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