Thai Government Approves New Measures to Boost Tourism Sector

Thai Government Approves New Measures to Boost Tourism Sector

Bangkok: Thailand has announced new measures to facilitate the tourism sector, allowing Malaysian tourists to enter without a visa or obtain a visa on arrival with a stay period of up to 60 days.

Thai government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke stated that the Cabinet has approved several visa facilitation measures to enhance the tourism sector.

These measures include visa exemptions, expanding the list of visa-on-arrival countries, and introducing new visa categories.

Starting June 1, visitors from 93 countries, up from 57 previously, can enter Thailand without a visa requirement for up to 60 days.

Additionally, the list of countries eligible for a visa on arrival will increase to 31 from 19 countries.

For digital nomads seeking long-term stays and remote work in Thailand, the visa validity period will be extended from 60 days to five years, with each stay lasting up to 180 days.

Other measures include allowing foreign university students to stay for a year after graduation and relaxing insurance requirements for long-term foreign retirees.

Malaysia is included in the list of 93 countries outlined by Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines.

According to Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the country has received over 14.32 million tourists as of last week and aims to attract at least 35 million foreign tourist arrivals this year.

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