Taiwan accuses Chinese firms of illegal operations and talent poaching

Taiwanese authorities have accused Luxshare Precision Industry, a Chinese Apple supplier, of illegally operating in Taiwan and attempting to poach tech talent.

The Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau identified Luxshare as one of eight companies from China engaging in these illegal activities but provided no further details. The crackdown is part of Taiwan’s broader efforts to protect its high-tech industry from Chinese firms trying to steal expertise and talent.

The investigation agency also mentioned Zhejiang Dahua Technology, a video surveillance equipment provider that was blacklisted by the US in 2019 for its persecution of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. Zhejiang Dahua allegedly set up covert operations in Taiwan and attempted to obscure its activities by listing employees under a different company name. Both Luxshare and Zhejiang Dahua have not responded to these accusations.

Both Luxshare and Zhejiang Dahua have not responded to these accusations.

Taiwan, home to semiconductor giant TSMC and a leader in advanced chip manufacturing views these Chinese efforts as a significant threat to its technological edge. The bureau emphasised its commitment to cracking down on illegal operations and talent poaching, warning that it will enforce the law resolutely.

This announcement follows a sweep conducted earlier this month targeting suspected illegal activities by Chinese tech firms.

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