Sunway Home Healthcare Amps Up Its Hospital@Home And Wellness@Home Programmes

Sunway Home Healthcare Amps Up Its Hospital@Home And Wellness@Home Programmes

March 7, 2024, KUALA LUMPUR Sunway Home Healthcare (SHH), a provider of extensive home healthcare services, is enhancing its offerings and technological capabilities to meet the increasing demand for home healthcare, which has become a crucial element in the continuum of care.

Through its Hospital@Home and Wellness @Home programmes, SHH aims to deliver more complex and comprehensive services in the areas of acute, sub-acute and chronic care within patient homes in the former, while emphasising disease prevention and wellness in the latter via infirmaries set up in residential areas.

Both these programmes will utilise remote monitoring and telehealth options that leverages Sunway Medical Centre’s current Telemedicine Command Centre, enabling consultants to provide better continuation of care for their patients after discharge.

“We have seen these models of home healthcare in Singapore and Australia, and realise there is rising demand and a gap in the local market for such services,” noted Dr. Khoo Chow Huat, Managing Director (Hospital and Healthcare Operations), Sunway Healthcare Group.

“With the Hospital@Home, we endeavour to shorten patients’ length of stay at the hospital by transferring certain components of care that can be administered effectively and safely at home. What would have been a five-day ordeal of being warded at the hospital could now be reduced to 2 days, as a patient can now continue their IV antibiotic drips at home. Instead of visiting the hospital once a week for physiotherapy over several months, a patient can now conduct physiotherapy at home, with teleconsultation with his or her doctor.

“We believe this will help patients, especially the elderly, recover better since the home tends to be a more comfortable environment. In addition to that, it also reduces the risk of hospital acquired infections. All this is made possible via a mobile multidisciplinary team, support from SHG’s hospitals and the utilisation of emerging technologies,” said Dr. Khoo.

In addition to offering caregiver services and basic nursing procedures, SHH also provides specialised services such as ostomy care, complex wound dressing, hydrotherapy, IV antibiotics infusion, palliative support, and post stroke physiotherapy. SHH is also developing bespoke programmes, such as the Orthopaedic Perioperative Therapy for Improved Mobility (OPTIM) that is catered for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery to help them start walking sooner.

Speaking on the use of technology to underscore the effectiveness of the programmes, Dr. Ng X’un-Jin, Deputy General Manager of Sunway Home Healthcare asserted, “Technology is revolutionising healthcare delivery, allowing us to monitor vital signs such as blood pressure and glucose readings in real-time. Through innovative telemedicine services, the SHH team provides timely advice and support to patients and their families.

“These services are made available to the public with an informative website which allows individuals to book and pay for the services at anytime, as well as a mobile app that helps with appointment scheduling and patient data management.”

Additionally, under its Wellness@Home programme, SHH is embarking on providing lifestyle coaching programmes for patients needing to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as conducting health screening and vaccination programmes in residential areas.

“Our community outreach efforts include establishing infirmaries in residential areas such as Sunway Serene and Sunway Sanctuary, equipped with remote monitoring devices for residents to take charge of monitoring their own vital readings, extend healthcare accessibility and promote proactive health management within communities.”

Supported by a multifaceted team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, SHH benefits from being part of the hub and spoke network of Sunway Healthcare Group, and being directly connected to Sunway Medical Centre – allowing hospital patients the option of continuing their treatment and recovery at home.

“We’ve found compelling evidence that patients recover more effectively and swiftly in the comfort of their own homes, especially for the elderly which make up 73% of SHH’s patients, many of whom are grappling with complex diagnoses such as stroke, cancer, pneumonia, sacral sores, and fractures. This data underscores the importance of home-based care in facilitating optimal recovery and well-being . At SHH, we are dedicated to supporting caregivers and families in post-discharge and step-down care, leveraging our close connection to Sunway Medical Centre to ensure a seamless transition. By providing this vital service, we not only enhance patient outcomes but also alleviate strain on hospital resources, ultimately improving the overall healthcare ecosystem,” noted Dr. Ng Chin Nee, Sunway Home Healthcare’s Resident Medical Officer.

Dr. Teh Hoon Lang, Sunway Medical Centre’s Consultant Geriatrician, emphasised the critical importance of hospital consultants maintaining continuity in the treatment
[Reference: Data on the effectiveness of home-based care for elderly patients can be found in studies such as Effects of home visits on quality of life among older adults:]

and monitoring of their patients, facilitated through the extension of hospital services via SHH and stated “Through collaborative efforts, data and treatment plans are

meticulously coordinated between hospital consultants and SHH doctors and nurses. This cohesive approach significantly benefits elderly patients and their families by ensuring seamless care transitions and consistent quality of treatment.”

About Sunway Home Healthcare

Sunway Home Healthcare began in 2003 as a nursing care provider, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of patients in the comfort of their homes. As the demand for home healthcare services increased, Sunway Home Healthcare evolved into a multi-disciplinary care provider with a team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, committed to delivering hospital-grade care in the home.

At Sunway Home Healthcare, we specialize in offering personalized home healthcare packages tailored to the specific needs of each patient, which include services such as geriatric care, physiotherapy, complex wound dressing, ostomy care, oncology care, post-stroke or post-surgery management, post-natal care and palliative care. Whether individuals are transitioning from hospital to home or require ongoing care, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive support and assistance.

Supported by our Telemedicine Command Centre that is manned 24/7 by doctors and nurses, patients are able to utilize teleconsultation to connect with our clinicians and doctors remotely. Whether it’s a follow-up session with our dietitian, nurse educator, or physiotherapist, our telehealth consultation services ensure convenient access to healthcare professionals.

Sunway Home Healthcare remains committed to delivering exceptional healthcare experiences that improve the lives of our patients. For more information about our services, please visit


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