SPAN: Water tariff adjustment for domestic users in peninsula, Labuan takes effect Feb 1

SPAN: Water tariff adjustment for domestic users in peninsula, Labuan takes effect Feb 1

PUTRAJAYA,. The water tariff adjustment for domestic users in the Peninsula and the Federal Territory of Labuan will take effect on February 1, involving an average increase of 22 cents per cubic meter, according to the National Water Services Commission (SPAN).

The water tariff adjustment is implemented under the Tariff Setting Mechanism (TSM) where the tariff structure and components are standardised for states in the peninsula and Labuan, with to be reviewed every three years to ensure consistency in the determination of fees.

SPAN, in a statement today, said the domestic water tariff adjustment can no longer be delayed so as not to affect the sustainability of the water service industry in the long term, thus impacting the quality of water supply services enjoyed by the people.

“This increase is still low and cannot cover the actual cost of providing water supply service, which is RM1.75 per cubic meter based on the actual record of 2022,” it said.

To minimise the impact of the increase in the monthly water bills, SPAN recommended that water supply operators in the respective states continue with existing initiatives by assisting domestic users in a targeted manner such as giving rebates to the B40 group.

According to SPAN, through the tariff review, water operators are more prepared to make continuous investments to develop the infrastructure of the water supply system which includes construction or upgrading of water treatment plants and replacing old pipes.

Also, carrying out regular maintenance and dealing with complaints more efficiently to ensure the continuity of water supply services and, at the same time, meet user expectations, it said.

It said water tariff adjustments that reflect the cost of water supply are crucial to enable water operators to improve the level of service in supplying quality water continuously.

SPAN also called on users to practice prudent water use, including using water-efficient products under its Water-Efficient Product Labeling Scheme, repairing any leaking pipes and faucets in their respective premises, as well as installing rainwater harvesting systems and using recycled water as an alternative source for non-drinking purposes.


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