‘Silent Cinema’ – A New Experience of Watching Movies with Hip and Trendy Style

‘Silent Cinema’ – A New Experience of Watching Movies with Hip and Trendy Style

The film producer Astro Shaw has collaborated with RexKL to introduce a new experience of watching the best Astro Shaw films through ‘Silent Cinema’.

The concept of silent cinema is widely practiced in foreign countries, where this hip and trendy concept provides an opportunity for audiences to enjoy films in a relaxed atmosphere at outdoor locations while experiencing audio through headphones or earphones.

What’s more, audiences can enjoy entertainment with friends and family with previous hit Astro Shaw films that have been upgraded in picture resolution quality.

Although some may have watched these films before, they can still experience them in the latest quality. For the first activity, audiences can join the movie screening at RXP Hall, RexKL, Kuala Lumpur on Friday, April 26, 2024, Friday for the romantic film Busker, starring Daiyan Trisha and Hafiz Mikael.

Meanwhile, on April 27, 2024, Saturday, the popular comedy film directed by the late Mamat Khalid and starring Yassin Senario, Bront Palarae, and Sharifah Aleya, Man Laksa, will be screened.

The screenings will start at 10:30 PM, and tickets are sold for only RM10.

Don’t forget to bring your headphones or earphones to experience this new sensation yourself.

Ticket sales are now open, and audiences can get them through the official REXKL website.


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