Selangor issued a circular to use the state’s identity to welcome foreign delegations

Selangor issued a circular to use the state’s identity to welcome foreign delegations

SHAH ALAM: Selangor will issue a circular to local authorities (PBT) and agencies under the state government to use the state’s identity through food and performances when welcoming delegations from outside.

Exco for Housing and Culture Borhan Aman Shah said it was one of his ongoing efforts to highlight Selangor’s identity so that it continues to be recognized while also generating income for players in the cultural tourism industry in conjunction with the Year of Visiting Selangor 2025.

“If we go to Penang, of course we will be served with kandar rice and boria dance because it is the state’s identity.

“Similarly in Selangor, we can serve food such as nasi ambeng, punten and soto while ronggeng, cempuling and keroncong dances can also be offered,” he said after a public dialogue session with non-governmental organizations for the state’s arts and culture here today.

Borhan said also identified through the gazette were the ship’s wau as a geographical indication of Selangor, the cape flower as the state’s official flower and the empowerment of Batik Selangor.

In addition, the state government through the Selangor State Malay and Heritage Corporation (Padat) is planning the development and empowerment of textiles and state crafts such as Selangor royal songket, Selangor royal telepuk, Selangor kebaya and Selangor kelingkan.

He said the public dialogue session, which was attended by about 200 industry players, became a platform for the state government and industry players to exchange views while finding joint solutions to advance and protect Selangor’s heritage and culture.

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