Sarawak family in fight to protect native land

Sarawak family in fight to protect native land

Robert Muyang says loggers have encroached on his 50ha plot.

A NATIVE Sarawak landowner and his family in the Sebauh district are in a fight to ward off illegal loggers who have cut down a large number of trees on his protected land. Robert Muyang has filed a police report at the Sebauh police station against the illegal loggers, whom he said were deployed by a private company.

In his report, he said the loggers had encroached on his family land, which is in the native customary rights land category, in Ulu Sebau They have already cut down a number of the trees on the 20ha plot of land, he said.

“My family has owned the land since the days of our ancestors and we are using it for animal breeding, crops and small-scale oil palm planting. “Recently, the illegal logging operator sent in bulldozers to cut down our huge trees.

“We urge the police to investigate and stop any further trespasses on our land,” he told The Vibes.

Muyang said he and his father have confronted the illegal loggers.

“We physically stopped these bullies by staging protests and the workers have backed off for now, but my family is afraid they will soon return to steal all the logs they have cut down,” he said.

Muyang said the logs from the felled trees are valuable for furniture and construction.

“We only have our land and forests which we need for daily survival. These big companies see money in this land that they do not even own,” he said. Muyang urged Gabungan Parti Sarawak state leaders to protect the natives.

Ulu Sebauh is located about 250km south of Miri.

– April 25, 2024

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