RON95 smuggling cases increase, smugglers start to change strategies – Armizan

RON95 smuggling cases increase, smugglers start to change strategies – Armizan

TUMPAT: Cases of RON95 fuel smuggling are reported to have increased after the government announced the targeting of diesel subsidies, said Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali.

He said that as a result of monitoring carried out by law enforcement officers stationed at eight main entry points in Kelantan, Perak, Kedah and Perlis, smugglers have started to change their strategy.

“The ministry found that the smuggling modus operandi used involved the repeated purchase of gasoline at gas stations around the bordering state.

“Previously, they used four-wheel drive cars to smuggle petrol; now they modify sedan car tanks to fill petrol,” he said at a special press conference after patrolling the Malaysia-Thailand border at Sungai Golok, Pengkalan Kubor, here today.

In this regard, Armizan said the ministry issued a supply controller’s instruction to petrol station owners to monitor and report vehicles detected making repeat purchases and that the instruction would come into effect tomorrow as soon as an engagement session for petrol station owners throughout Kelantan was held.

“In addition, my ministry will also strengthen cooperation with the Road Transport Department in carrying out monitoring and inspections to detect vehicles that have been modified,” he said.

Armizan said this covers the modification of vehicles for the purpose of cross-border smuggling and embezzlement involving the sale of subsidized diesel to the enforcement industry under the Road Transport Act of 1987.

Commenting on Ops Tiris 3.0, he said this operation will continue until the end of this year.

“Ops Tiris 3.0 continues until the end of this year; whether it will continue next year (2025), the matter will be discussed, and we will see the full reporting of the ops before finalizing any decision,” he said.

Statistics for the enforcement of the ops, which started from Jan 1 to May 31, saw a total of 19,337 inspections carried out across the country.

Armizan said this includes petrol stations, wholesalers, manufacturers, quarries, control posts, and other premises, and a total of 986 cases were recorded with a total confiscation value of RM12.46 million in the same period.

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