Rafizi: Wearing glasses not a problem to carry out Padu registration

Rafizi: Wearing glasses not a problem to carry out Padu registration

KUALA LUMPUR,. It is not a problem for those wearing glasses to carry out the electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process of uploading a selfie while holding the identification card for the Central Database (Padu) registration, said Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli.

In a post on X today, he said, the eKYC process requires users to update their mobile phone operating system with the latest version, clear the cache and ensure that the browser is not in private settings.

The e-KYC process can be done in less than five minutes and as of 9 am today, a total of 230,443 users have done it with 61 per cent verification completed, he said.

He said since Padu was launched last Tuesday, it has recorded 456,136 users.

Touching on the problem of ‘error code 100’, Rafizi said that users who register with Padu using a computer or laptop will be given a QR code which they need to scan using a smartphone for the process of taking a photo of the front and back of their ID card, as well as a selfie.

“Currently there are users who are having problems completing the process and get ‘error code 100’. They have to update their respective smartphone operating systems with the latest version, clear the cache and make sure the browser is not in private settings,” he said.

If the problem persists, he said, they can come to the nearest Padu counter for assistance, adding that the list of Padu counters can be found at padu.gov.my/hubungi/lokasi.

Rafizi said users also need to update their employment information while those who are unemployed can enter the amount of aid or contribution they received from government agencies or family members.

He said the information control mechanism developed in the Padu system requires individuals to certify and verify updated information after undergoing the identity verification process through e-KYC.

“Every information that has been verified cannot be amended except by making a complaint to the Public Complaint Management System (SISPAA) to enable action to be taken by Padu administrators,” he added.

Rafizi said the government viewed the issue of cyber security as serious and will constantly monitor and test the Padu system to ensure there are no defects or weaknesses.


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