Pudu Market Street, a ‘paradise’ for ornamental fish enthusiasts

Pudu Market Street, a ‘paradise’ for ornamental fish enthusiasts

KUALA LUMPUR: Amidst the bustling atmosphere of Pudu Market Street, synonymous with electrical and grocery goods in the heart of the capital, it has also become a ‘haven’ for ornamental fish enthusiasts due to significantly lower prices, including rare species.

Most ornamental fish prices sold there are 20 to 30 percent cheaper than other locations, making Pudu Market Street a continued attraction, with ornamental fish traders able to sustain their business for four decades.

For instance, the Betta Galaxy Koi, which is sold for RM50 to RM60 per fish elsewhere, can be obtained for as low as RM15 to RM20 per fish here. Similarly, small goldfish are sold for RM4. A survey by Bernama found that many customers passing through the area are drawn to the unique colors of ornamental fish displayed in buckets outside the five-foot-way shops and in plastic bags marked with prices.

Among the ornamental fish in high demand are various types of fighting fish, guppies, mollies, freshwater fish such as catfish and snakeheads, koi, bayan, goldfish, and arowanas. Inheriting the business from his father, 31-year-old Marcus Low said that his family’s ornamental fish business, which started on the outskirts of Pudu Market Street, now owns its own shop after 40 years and continues to thrive to this day.

“Most of the traders here are second-generation, continuing the business legacy from their parents, and the row of shops still maintains the original shop structure. “This location is the choice of ornamental fish enthusiasts because they can compare prices with surrounding shops, and traders will compete to offer reasonable prices to attract more customers,” he told Bernama.

Customers are also free to negotiate with sellers and can obtain various fish-keeping accessories such as aquariums, filters, pumps, and food. Usually, the number of customers doubles on public holidays and weekends compared to regular days, said store assistant Steven Chong, 47. According to Chong, ornamental fish supplies are obtained from local suppliers, while accessories are imported from China.

“At this shop, there are dozens of ornamental fish species, and customers can get them for as low as RM1 to thousands of ringgit, depending on the species, quality, beauty, and size,” he added, mentioning that the premises operate from 8:30 am every day.


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