PM expresses confidence in IsDBs in addressing inequality, marginalisation of Muslims

PM expresses confidence in IsDBs in addressing inequality, marginalisation of Muslims

RIYADH,. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today expressed confidence in the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) to continuously forge ahead in playing a pivotal role in addressing the issue of inequality and marginalisation, particularly among Muslims.

He said the bank has a role to play to deal with the issue on injustice, inequality and marginalisation, particularly among Muslims.

“The Muslims still happen to be the largest in terms of numbers of poverty-stricken areas of neglect.

“I think, other than the efforts of many of our governments and international bodies, the IsDB has a pivotal role to deal with these issues. Even when we see the light and hope for an amicable resolution to the conflict in Gaza after undergoing atrocities by the Israeli regime,” he said in his remarks during the IsDB Golden Jubilee Celebration here.

Anwar said that once these issues are resolved, the IsDB would be seen to be quite a formidable player, together with the governments to try and resuscitate its economy.

Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, said the bank has to seize the opportunity.

“As referred to by many of my colleagues, if we do not seize the moment, then inequality will be exacerbated and problems will arise. And we’ll see again, enormous marginalisation of our communities,” he stressed.

Having seen IsDB’s contribution in the last 50 years, the Prime Minister expressed his confidencein the bank’s ability to forge ahead, especially with new young leadership at the helm.

“I have full confidence that you will be a major player to go beyond what is traditionally the focus of Islamic Development Bank, but to forge ahead to deal with substantive issues on the new technology.

“The need for inclusivity and our ultimate passion to serve people, particularly those that have been deprived and marginalised, through education, through training, economic opportunities, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship,” he said.

IsDB, he said, has Malaysia’s support in its endeavours towards these.


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