Op Khas Pagar Laut records catch value of nearly RM5.5 million until yesterday

Op Khas Pagar Laut records catch value of nearly RM5.5 million until yesterday

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Maritime Malaysia) has recorded 104 catch cases with a catch value of nearly RM5.5 million until yesterday, since Op Khas Pagar Laut 1/2024 was implemented on March 18. Chief Admiral Director of Maritime Datuk Hamid Mohd Amin said Maritime Malaysia, through the operation, has acted to control and protect the country from various criminal threats in its waters nationwide.

He said subsidized controlled items such as rice, cooking oil would be attempted to be smuggled out for sale in neighboring countries due to high demand, and smuggling of contraband goods such as cigarettes as well as the entry of unauthorized foreigners (PATI), are also likely to occur leading up to Eid al-Fitr. “Behind the joy of the Malaysian people celebrating Eid al-Fitr, security forces such as Maritime Malaysia have put aside personal and family priorities to sow dedication and sweat to the country by ensuring the safety of Malaysia’s Maritime Zone,” he said in a statement here today.

The statement was made during the launch of the Maritime Malaysia Public Service Announcement (PSA) titled Sincere on the agency’s official social media channels. With a duration of 2:23 minutes, the PSA video showcases the sacrifices made by Maritime Malaysia enforcement officers in maintaining the security and well-being of the country, especially the Malaysian people as they prepare to celebrate the upcoming festive season. Hamid said the security and safety of the country should be appreciated by every Malaysian because behind what is currently achieved is a sincere sacrifice of security forces who safeguard the well-being and sovereignty of the country.

He said maritime security is a priority because Malaysia is a maritime nation located in Southeast Asia with several of its waters being hubs for fishing and trading activities, which could provide opportunities for irresponsible parties to engage in illegal activities, especially transboundary crimes.


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