MTEX unveils 5 day showcase of Malaysia’s Tourism splendour in Surabaya and Medan

MTEX unveils 5 day showcase of Malaysia’s Tourism splendour in Surabaya and Medan

KUALA LUMPUR  – The Malaysia Travel Exchange (MTEX) is poised to spotlight Malaysia’s tourism gems during its 5-day roadshow in Surabaya and Medan from 28th January to 1st February 2024.

Organized by the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Selangor Chapter, in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, MTEX heralds its exclusive entry into Indonesia. This event serves as a unique platform for MATTA members, theme park operators, tourism product owners, and hoteliers specializing in Malaysian Inbound Travel.

The MTEX Roadshow in Indonesia is meticulously designed to empower MATTA members and visionary product owners, fostering collaboration and unlocking opportunities with Indonesian counterparts. Beyond being a transactional event, MTEX stands as a catalyst for growth, vitality, and brilliance in the global travel landscape.

Facilitated by MATTA and Tourism Malaysia, MTEX transcends being a mere event; it’s a symphony of collaboration. The roadshow is a strategic masterpiece where 26 Malaysian sellers will seamlessly connect with 140 buyers from Surabaya and 84 buyers from Medan.

The primary objective remains to provide a robust platform for Malaysian sellers to meet potential buyers. MTEX goes beyond transactions, aiming to enhance strategic networking with travel agencies, online travel agencies, tourism associations, and the media.

The ultimate goal is to foster meaningful collaborations that contribute to the growth of the travel and tourism industry.

The MTEX Roadshow to Indonesia, with the participation of 26 Malaysian sellers, is strategically designed to facilitate networking and forge strategic alliances among industry players.

This initiative empowers MATTA members and product owners, creating a comprehensive network and exploring collaborative opportunities with their counterparts in Indonesia.

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