More than 1.9 million vehicles expected to use KL-Karak Highway during Aidilfitri

More than 1.9 million vehicles expected to use KL-Karak Highway during Aidilfitri

More than 1.9 million vehicles are expected to use the KL-Karak Highway (KLK), and 882,000 vehicles are expected to use the East Coast Highway Phase 1 (LPT 1), for a period of 11 days starting today.
Senior General Manager of ANIH Berhad, Datin Radzimah Mohd Radzi, in a statement here, announced that the increase in the number of vehicles on KLK exceeds 60 percent, while on LPT1, the increase exceeds 100 percent during the peak days of the Eid holiday compared to the average daily traffic.

“Both the Gombak Toll Plaza and Bentong Toll Plaza are expected to experience high traffic density, as well as on the LPT1 Highway, namely at the Karak Toll Plaza. “ANIH Berhad has taken proactive steps by implementing strategic operational plans to ensure smooth traffic flow, especially in focal areas,” she said. In addition, she said the Travel Advisory Schedule (TTA) for April 6 to 7 and April 13 to 14 has been uploaded on social media channels and ANIH Berhad’s website to prepare and guide highway users returning to their hometowns or going on vacation during Aidilfitri.
Radzimah said several measures have been taken to ensure smooth travel for users, including a 23 percent increase in staff, with more than 400 toll staff working during peak hours and the activation of additional toll lanes. She said to optimize traffic management at toll plazas, Rest & Service Areas (R&R), and lay-bys, 217 Malaysian Volunteer Department (RELA) members will be stationed in strategic areas, especially during peak hours, in addition to adding 147 traffic division staff for monitoring, patrols, emergency assistance, and accident response for highway users.
Radzimah said ANIH Berhad also implemented lane channelization at the Gombak Toll Plaza westbound towards Kuala Lumpur, aimed at streamlining traffic flow and avoiding congestion for users heading towards Ampang and Batu Caves. “Highway users are reminded to prioritize safety and practice responsible driving.

Use R&R areas or lay-bys if necessary. “Adhere to road signs, speed limits, and instructions from highway personnel. Ensure that your e-wallet balance and Touch & Go card are sufficient. Plan your journey as best as possible for the comfort and safety of all,”

she said. Users can obtain the latest information through ANIH Berhad’s social media on Facebook @Lebuhraya Pantai Timur and X @LPTTrafik, as well as the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) @llmtrafik, and in case of emergencies, contact the LPT-Line at 1-700-818-700 or LLM hotline at 1800-88-7752.


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