Ministry of Communication studies drafting Music Act – Fahmi

Ministry of Communication studies drafting Music Act – Fahmi

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Communication is currently studying the drafting of a Music Act to ensure that the arts sector has its own legislation, thereby safeguarding the welfare of musicians. Communication Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that since singers are the largest content providers for broadcasting aspects involving radio and television mediums, there is a need to examine the relevant act to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

“I see there are several basic aspects that need to be strengthened, first is the literacy aspect, which is understanding the law because many new artists, when they sign contracts, many do not understand the meaning of the contract. “When I speak, for example, about singer Kaka Azraf, the impact of her being dropped from the label (recording company) is significant… including the songs she has sung, and its impact on royalties and so on.

“So I see if we have our own music act, at least this aspect can be addressed and it can be more sustainable or viable,” he told reporters after visiting veteran singer Zaiton Sameon at the MADANI Art Visitation Program at Finas 2024 in Ampang today. Earlier, Fahmi also visited actor and director Salehudin Ridzwan, better known as Din Glamor, at his residence in Bukit Antarabangsa for the same program.

He said the ministry had started engagement sessions with MyCreative Ventures as the leading agency to obtain proposals on the drafting of the act, in addition to setting up a program committee to expedite the review process. “Previously, I have received several proposals, but these proposals may be improved with the involvement of industry and academic parties at various levels to educate the ministry on the aspects that need to be included in the act later,” he said.

Commenting on royalty distribution to musicians, he said the ministry had held several series of meetings with relevant parties and one of the steps taken was to ensure that every ministry utilizing local works makes royalty payments to the involved musicians.

“On the ministry’s part last year, through all television and radio channels, we have collected the necessary amounts to be paid to all parties involved. “I have also conveyed to other ministries, if they utilize local artists, songs, their works in any campaigns and for specific events, celebrations on certain days, then they need to make those payments and we will coordinate, so the amount will be larger,” he said.

Meanwhile, asked about the action of UMNO Youth Chief Dr. Muhamad Akmal Saleh, who was seen still playing up the issue of the inscription of the word ‘Allah’, Fahmi said the decree of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim was clear, and all parties should stop the polemic. “For those of the Islamic faith, of Malay ethnicity, the position of the Agong is at the highest level, the highest, for me – denying the decree and deliberately interpreting (the decree of His Majesty) in another way, for me, is less suitable,” he said.


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