Maybank branch staff helped save 57-year-old civil servant from losing RM150,000 to phone scam

Maybank branch staff helped save 57-year-old civil servant from losing RM150,000 to phone scam

In 2023, Maybank has protected customers from losing RM6.4 million to scams via branch channels alone

Maybank remains resolute in its mission to combat scams and safeguard customers’ financial well-being through comprehensive counterfraud education and awareness initiatives. This includes extensive training programmes to ensure that its frontline employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge to recognise signs of distress in customers and identify potential scam targets, enabling them to offer real-time support and assistance.

In a heartwarming display of compassion and proactiveness in customer care, a Maybank Kampung Baru branch employee recently thwarted scammers and saved a customer, Fatimah, from losing RM150,000 to individuals impersonating enforcement agency officers.

To Fatimah, 57, a government contract worker, the thought of losing the money she had diligently saved for her retirement and her children’s tertiary education expenses would have been unimaginable. Her ordeal began with a phone call purportedly from her bank, alleging her involvement in unauthorised transactions and illicit mule account activities. To further ensnare her, the caller orchestrated a series of manipulative phone calls to individuals posing as representatives from various enforcement and regulatory agencies, including the Royal Malaysia Police and Bank Negara Malaysia.

In a call lasting more than four hours, Fatimah was instructed by the scammers to withdraw RM150,000 from her savings account at the Maybank Kampung Baru branch in Penang. “I was shaken by the whole ordeal. At the branch, the teller performed the usual check and asked me the purpose of withdrawal. The scammer had instructed me earlier to lie and state that the monies were for house renovation purposes,” said Fatimah.

Fortunately, in her time of need, a beacon of support emerged in the form of Siti, Assistant Branch Manager of Maybank Kampung Baru. “Upon us realising that it is a scam, Siti quickly sprang into action,” Fatimah recalled with gratitude. “She guided me through the process of filing a case report with the bank, swiftly freezing my account to safeguard my hard-earned money. Despite relentless attempts by the scammer to disrupt the proceedings with incessant calls, Siti’s calm reassurance and sound advice prevailed. I am so grateful to her for going above and beyond to help me, especially since it was beyond regular branch hours.”

To protect themselves from scams, Fatimah urges the public to always be vigilant and read up on the latest scam tactics, beware when deals are too good to be true, and seek support from their banks should they suspect that they have fallen victim to scam.

Ensuring the financial security of its customers remains the Bank’s priority. Maybank places significant emphasis on the importance of scam awareness and is committed to fortifying its counterfraud measures and initiatives, in order to stay ahead of emerging fraud threats and uphold the trust and security of its customers.

Maybank has successfully protected customers from losing RM6.4 million to financial scams via branch channels in 2023. To defend against scams, the Bank encourages customers to always stay alert and observe the following practices:
● Be cautious of calls and/or messages from strangers claiming to be from the authorities, banks, utility providers and enforcement/government agencies such as Polis DIraja Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri;
● Never reveal your banking details. Customers are reminded that banks and the authorities will not request for your banking details over the phone; and
● Do not transfer funds to unknown accounts. The authorities and enforcement agencies will not demand for immediate fund transfer to unknown third-party accounts.

In the event customers suspect that they have been scammed, they should immediately call the National Scam Resource Centre hotline at 997 or Maybank’s 24/7 Fraud hotline at
03-5891 4744 for assistance.

To learn how to identify the latest scam tactics, the public is encouraged to visit the Maybank Security Tips webpage at and the Anti-Scam National Resource Centre at

-Su Ann Chong /Dino

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