Maxim E-Hailing eyes expansion across Sabah, Sarawak

Maxim E-Hailing eyes expansion across Sabah, Sarawak

KUCHING (April 12): Maxim E-Hailing Malaysia (Maxim Malaysia) aims to expand to more cities in Sabah and Sarawak this year, including in rural areas.

According to Maxim Malaysia director Mohd Hazwan Musley in an exclusive interview, this was based on the belief that everyone should enjoy the benefits of transportation services and reach their destination timely.

“The majority of rural communities in East Malaysia have fewer transportation options than those in the peninsular part of the country, which makes a difference in terms of rural transportation services,” he explained to The Borneo Post.

“Thus, e-hailing can benefit rural dwellers in terms of transportation to some level.”

“The interesting part is, all of it also improves people’s mobility by reducing unemployment and improving the ecology of the city.

“Sometimes e-hailing is more profitable compared to a personal car and less stressful when someone helps you with the trip. This can lead to reducing the number of cars on the road and increasing the use of public transport.”

So far this year, Hazwan explained that Maxim Sarawak has expanded to six new cities which are Bau, Betong, Kanowit, Lundu, Sri Aman, and Tatau.

He said Maxim analyses and assesses every city of potential launch by looking into the market demand. “For 2024, we can say that most of the users acknowledge our brand and the number of orders is also increasing.

“In addition, more new cities will open, which provides more opportunities for locals to generate additional income by cooperating with us as partner-drivers.” ​​Hazwan affirmed that the opening of new cities has been one of Maxim Malaysia’s main goals.

Various aspects are involved in the opening of new cities, such as analysing the population, unemployment rate, the demand for our services, competitors, and their rates.

“We start working in cities where our services are potentially in demand,” he added. “The goal is to provide service throughout Malaysia so that people can use our services everywhere.”

When asked about the trends for ehailing, the Maxim Malaysia director noted that majority of the public were no longer unfamiliar with e-hailing. “Of course, it makes it simpler for people from any community to get to their destination with just a few taps on the phone screen.

“Since drivers are widely dispersed and easy to locate, e-hailing is now becoming more and more popular. “The clients no longer need to wait at the bus stop or a taxi stand like before.”


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