Malaysian Army will take action if contractor still fails to deliver Black Hawk

Malaysian Army will take action if contractor still fails to deliver Black Hawk

SIK: In the event that the designated contractor is unable to deliver the first Black Hawk helicopter by the end of this month, the Malaysian Army (TDM) would take further measures. General Tan Sri Muhammad Hafizuddeain Jantan, the Chief of the Army, stated that despite the contractor’s prior commitment to make the first delivery this month, TDM has not received any information about the purchase of these medium-lift helicopters as of yet.

“We truly hope they can fulfill their promise because as I mentioned earlier, the delivery period has already been delayed; we were supposed to receive the first aircraft in November last year.

“Now, it’s been over five months, and still no news. So, we will give them a chance until the end of April. If there is still no update, we will take follow-up action through the Ministry of Defence as the contract manager,” he said.

He said this during a press conference after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration with members and operational officers at Camp Gubir here today.

It is hoped, according to Muhammad Hafizuddeain, that the contractor will be able to deliver one of the four Sikorsky UH 60A+ Black Hawk helicopters that the Army Air Force has leased this month.

“We really need this medium-lift capability to carry out operations here (Camp Gubir) and in rural areas. So, our plan is to station some aircraft here (Peninsula) and some in Sabah and Sarawak to provide assistance for operations there,” he said.
The 10th Parachute Brigade will also employ these planes for parachute training, according to Muhammad Hafizuddeain. “So far, TDM has relied heavily on the Royal Malaysian Air Force for transportation operations and logistics,” he stated. — BERNAMA

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