Malaysia wants to introduce ‘orangutan diplomacy’ to palm oil trading countries – Johari

Malaysia wants to introduce ‘orangutan diplomacy’ to palm oil trading countries – Johari

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia aims to introduce ‘orangutan diplomacy’ to palm oil trading countries, said Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani. He said this move is part of Malaysia’s diplomatic strategy and will be presented as a gift to trading partners while strengthening international relations, especially with major importing countries such as the European Union, India, and China.

“By introducing ‘orangutan diplomacy’, it directly demonstrates to the world that Malaysia is committed to biodiversity conservation,” he said in a post on Platform X after officiating the Biodiversity Forum of the Malaysian Palm Oil Conservation Foundation yesterday.

He noted that many world trading partners are increasingly concerned about the impact of agricultural commodities on the climate.

He said Malaysia can prove to the global community that the country always maintains a balance between meeting food security needs and preserving the environment.

Therefore, he said Malaysia aims to establish ‘orangutan diplomacy, similar to China’s successful establishment of various ‘panda diplomacy’ initiatives with many countries.

Johari said Malaysia cannot take a defensive approach to the palm oil issue but instead must show the world that Malaysia is a sustainable palm oil producer committed to forest conservation and environmental sustainability.

“Hence, I welcome large palm oil companies to collaborate with non-governmental organizations to conserve, preserve, and raise awareness among our global partners while providing technical expertise on iconic wildlife species in Malaysia. “This will be a manifestation of how Malaysia conserves wildlife species and maintains the sustainability of our forests, especially in the oil palm plantation landscape,” he said.

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