MACC expects several more arrests in the issue of false claims involving the son of a chief minister – Azam

MACC expects several more arrests in the issue of false claims involving the son of a chief minister – Azam

GUA MUSANG: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will be making several more arrests related to the case involving the son of a chief minister in connection with the investigation into false claims amounting to RM600,000.

MACC Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki said the arrests aim to establish the wrongdoing that occurred in relation to the case.

He said this case has become public knowledge, and the suspects involved were detained yesterday, with investigations still ongoing.

“Several other parties will also be called by MACC to provide information regarding the case,” he told reporters after officiating the opening of the new MACC office branch in the Gua Musang Federal Building, Gua Musang, here today.

In addition, he said there is a possibility of new remand applications for all the detained suspects, as the remand period given is insufficient to allow MACC to complete its initial investigation.

Yesterday, the son of a chief minister was among six individuals remanded by MACC to assist in the investigation regarding the submission of false documents and claims amounting to RM600,000 since two years ago.

Meanwhile, Azam said MACC will focus its investigation on the issue of the construction of the National Training Center (NTC) project in Putrajaya, worth RM25 million, involving the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

“For everyone’s information, the funding came to RM2.5 million from FIFA, not from FAM’s money.

“FAM only conducted procurement through tender and so on, and it was then submitted back to FIFA for final selection, and FIFA has agreed with the related company,” he said.

Azam said this issue involves not only FAM but also FIFA as it involves their money.

“Therefore, to satisfy those who raise allegations regarding this issue and to be fair to all parties, we investigate this issue,” he said.

Azam said MACC will not take action regarding administrative issues that occur within the organization.

“We will not take action on administrative issues such as salary matters and so on.

“This case is considered by MACC as one that involves public interest, so we have looked at the information provided, and we focus on one issue,” he said.


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