Libel Lawsuit: Rosmah Obtains Default Judgment against TikTok Account Owner

Libel Lawsuit: Rosmah Obtains Default Judgment against TikTok Account Owner

KUALA LUMPUR: Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor today obtained a default judgment against a TikTok account owner in a libel lawsuit filed by the wife of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the High Court here.

Judge Datuk Ahmad Shahrir Mohd Salleh made the decision after allowing Rosmah, 72, as the plaintiff, following Ku Muhammad Hilmie Ku Din, 34, named as the defendant, failing to file a memorandum of appearance to answer the lawsuit on the appointed date.

However, general damages, aggravated damages, and exemplary damages will be assessed later by the court.

The proceedings were attended by lawyers Sureshmurti Ramani and Mohamed Baharudeen Mohamed Ariff representing Rosmah.

Rosmah, who filed the lawsuit on September 19, 2023, alleged that Ku Muhammad Hilmie uploaded a video recording on the defendant’s TikTok account containing defamatory and untrue statements against the plaintiff on March 22, 2023.

Rosmah alleged that the defamatory statements, among others, implied that she committed sinful acts, was associated with activities involving demons, shamans, and an evil individual practicing polytheism.

She claimed that the defamatory statements prejudiced her reputation as the wife of the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia and the patron of charitable organizations in the country known to the public.

Rosmah alleged that as a result of the defamatory statements, she was viewed with suspicion by the public, disparaged, and insulted, thereby tarnishing her reputation as a public figure known to the general public.

Therefore, she demanded, among other things, general damages, aggravated damages, and exemplary damages, as well as an appropriate order by the court.

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