Korea’s Premium Lifestyle Brand, SUMSEI Opens One-of-a-kind Booth at CES Conveying Brand Philosophy

Korea’s Premium Lifestyle Brand, SUMSEI Opens One-of-a-kind Booth at CES Conveying Brand Philosophy

– Differentiated from other booths focusing on products and technologies at the CES, designed under the themes of cave, sea, and forest

– Flagship product SUMSEI Air Shower displayed, along with Silver Lining Warmer, Pebble Tab, and In the Forest

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SUMSEI (CEO: Chang-hyeok Lee), Korea’s premium lifestyle brand, participates in the CES 2024 (hereinafter “CES”), the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, held in Las Vegas, NV, United States from the 9th of this month.

At the event, SUMSEI will welcome visitors at its independent booth comprised of eight sections designed under the concept of embracing nature with its products.

SUMSEI’s booth at the CES relays the message of “SUMSEI Terrarium,” located in Seoul, which is a popular destination among the younger generations in Korea. SUMSEI Terrarium is a cultural space designed for a gradual experience of the five senses in nature. With the purpose of conveying the brand philosophy of “Nature, Anytime Anywhere”, it was created as a piece of virtual nature filled with trees, water, pebbles, and wind from the basement to the rooftop. Known as a famous cultural space in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong district, which is a center of culture, art, and fashion popular among not only Generation Z in Korea but foreign tourists as well, SUMSEI Terrarium has recorded cumulative visitors of 140,000 since its first opening.

A unique experience can be expected at the SUMSEI’s booth, which is operated as an experiential space, consisting of three sections. SUMSEI’s products created with inspirations from each space are on display in “Cave,” where vision is obscured to heighten the other senses in darkness, “Sea,” where a sandy beach and the sea are experienced through a realistic video, and “Forest,” where nature is recreated with installations of trees reaching about 6 meters in height.

The products on display include Silver Lining Warmer, Pebble Tab, In the Forest, as well as the SUMSEI Air Shower for the U.S. market, which is the second-generation model of the company’s flagship product SUMSEI Air Shower body dryer. The Pebble Tab, in particular, is a power strip designed with organic curves and slightly sandy and almost smooth texture of pebbles rounded over a long time.

Also on display is In the Forest, an oxygen concentrator set to be launched in Korea this year. Supplying fresh oxygen with a concentration of at least 90% while the user is asleep, this product creates a pleasant sleeping environment like that of a therapeutic forest. Designed in the shape of a bendable branch inspired by tree, it also acts as a great decorative item.

“Following our participation in the CES, SUMSEI will start promoting global market entry”, SUMSEI CEO Chang-hyeok Lee stated. He added, “By applying our technology to small home appliances, we will continue introducing the SUMSEI philosophy to the global market through our products and spatial projects to allow people to live in nature rather than having to travel.”

SUMSEI created the body dryer category, which had not been previously available in Korea’s home appliances market, and is considered to have pioneered the market with Air Shower, a product to dry the body with wind. In just two years since its launch, Air Shower has been installed at luxurious landmark hotels in Korea such as Signiel Seoul and Grand Walkerhill Seoul. Having secured a strong fan base with its excellent product quality and nature-oriented brand philosophy, SUMSEI now plans to pursue full-scale overseas market entry.


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