Keep the desire to present a songket outfit as a gift for Tunku Azizah

Keep the desire to present a songket outfit as a gift for Tunku Azizah

KUALA LUMPUR: Everyone surely has a desire to meet their respected figures in their own lives. For tailor Maizun Ahmad, she harbors a dream to see the Queen of Pahang, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, wearing a songket outfit made by her. According to Maizun, she has attempted several times to tailor outfits with the intention of gifting them to her, but it hasn’t been possible due to certain unavoidable factors.

“Actually, I once intended to make a songket blazer because I knew she liked songket and I wanted to share it with Tunku Azizah… even though the songket was digitally woven, it resembled authentic weaving. “But I wasn’t confident about the size of the outfit, so I made a new one in blue and brought it to a carnival in Putrajaya where I was told that the Queen wouldn’t be attending, only the King (at that time) was present,” she said in an interview with Astro AWANI at Medan Mara on Tuesday.

However, the initial failure did not dampen Maizun’s spirits to continue tailoring outfits for the Queen of Pahang, although she is unsure when she can present it to her. “I once met (the Queen of Pahang) during the Maal Hijrah celebration in Putrajaya a few years ago and unexpectedly got to meet her up close and personal, but I didn’t bring the outfit then. “I just stood near her to identify or guess Tuanku’s body size and immediately after, I tailored an outfit for her. “Then for the third time, (with that size), I made a white outfit because I heard that the Queen was going to a hotel in Pahang but it was canceled and replaced with another prominent figure, and the outfit is still at the store until now,” she said.

According to her, songket represents Malaysia’s identity, thus Maizun emphasizes the importance of songket as she wants to elevate its status in the eyes of the world. “If Indonesia can wear batik everywhere and collectively, why can’t we Malaysians wear songket? “Songket isn’t hot, it’s made of 100% cotton and some of them aren’t traditionally woven songket but digitally woven… so, the fabric isn’t that hot,” she added. Asked if she still wishes to present her tailored outfit to the Queen of Pahang in the future, Maizun does not reject the opportunity if it arises.


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