Kedah customs directed the Israeli container to turn back to Thailand

Kedah customs directed the Israeli container to turn back to Thailand

BUKIT KAYU HITAM: The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) in the state of Kedah ordered a container truck that had just arrived in Bukit Kayu Hitam on Thursday (Yesterday) to turn back to Thailand after it was found that the container it was carrying was from Israel.

MTT (Responsible for Duties) Kedah State Customs Director, Suhaime Affindi Zainol Abidin, said a trailer truck carrying a container with the logo of the Israeli company ZIM containing trade in computer equipment was detected trying to enter Malaysia through Kedah at the Bukit Kayu Hitam Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex .

“However, JKDM Kedah has stopped a truck with a foreign registration number from Thailand that tried to enter through the entrance at around noon.

“The vehicle concerned wants to enter Malaysia by pledging Form K1 for the purpose of importing merchandise into Malaysia.

“As a result of research, members of the Kedah JKDM believe that the container used is from Israel based on the ‘ZIM’ logo that is written on the outer wall of the container.

“Following that, the vehicle involved was detained to get confirmation and further instructions,” he said in a statement on Friday.

He informed that the truck with the container containing the merchandise was then ordered to turn back to the neighboring country.

According to Suhaime Affindi, the vehicle involved was found to have left Malaysia at 1.30 on the same day.

In the same development, he said, the public is urged to help the JKDM fight the crime of smuggling, especially cigarettes, liquor, firecrackers, drugs, vehicles and others.

According to him, the public is also advised not to involve themselves in such activities.

According to Suhaime Affindi, smuggling not only harms the country in terms of revenue leakage, but it also poses a threat to national security and the well-being of the people.

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