Israel Launches New Airstrikes On Gaza, Hundreds Killed: Ministry

Israel Launches New Airstrikes On Gaza, Hundreds Killed: Ministry

GAZA, Dec 4 (NNN-XINHUA) – The Hamas-run Health Ministry said that, Israel launched new airstrikes on various areas in the war-torn Gaza Strip yesterday, resulting in hundreds killed and wounded.

Rescue workers and medics told Xinhua that, Israeli airstrikes targeted a populated residential building belonging to the Abu Aita family, in the Jabalia Camp in the northern Strip. Thirty-seven people were killed and were transferred to the hospital over the past few hours.

Meanwhile, at least three people were killed and 20 others wounded, in an Israeli bombardment targeting a house owned by the Abu Jiyab family, in the Abu Eskandar area, north of Gaza City, according to medics.

Moreover, the Palestinian civil defence service said that, several people were killed and wounded in homes destroyed by Israeli warplanes on Yafa Street, east of Gaza City.

Earlier in the day, the civil defence service spokesperson, Mahmoud Basal, reported that 84 dead were transported to Al-Muamalat Hospital in Gaza, due to Israeli airstrikes in the recent hours.

The government’s Media Office Director, Ismael Al-Thawabteh, told reporters yesterday that, more than 700 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza during the last 24 hours.


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