Intel Lunar Lake Chips to Arrive in Q3 2024

Intel Lunar Lake Chips to Arrive in Q3 2024

INTEL announced that the Lunar Lake chip family will be launched in Q3 2023 and will be used in 80 new computers by 20 manufacturers at that time.

Lunar Lake will feature an NPU with a capability of 40 TOPS, while the Intel Xe2 GPU will offer up to 60 TOPS.

With this, AI Phi-Silica can run directly on devices comparable to the Snapdragon Elite chip.

Lunar Lake remains an X86 chip, unlike Snapdragon, which fully utilizes ARM architecture.

With the launch of the Lunar Lake chip, new Windows 11 features like Recall and CorCreator will finally be utilized on AI PCs.

As a reminder, AI PCs are the family of PCs with Intel chips, while Copilot+ PCs are for PCs with Qualcomm chips.

When announcing all the new features yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that the Meteor Lake chip (Intel Core Ultra) cannot run these features as it does not meet the minimum NPU requirement of 40 TOPS. The NPU on the Intel Core Ultra only has a capability of 10 TOPS.

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