Heatwave Engulfs Bangladesh With Record Temperature Since 1989

Heatwave Engulfs Bangladesh With Record Temperature Since 1989

DHAKA – Bangladesh has set its extreme temperature record this year as heatwave sweeps large parts of the country.

Mercury rose to 43.8 degrees Celsius on Tuesday in the country’s south-western district of Jessore, a record since 1989, according to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).

The temperature for Dhaka rose to 40.5 degrees Celsius for the second consecutive day on Tuesday. According to BMD data, the maximum temperature in Dhaka has been around 40 degrees Celsius in the last couple of days.

Dhaka recorded a high temperature at 40.6 degrees Celsius on Apr 16 last year, the highest in the Bangladeshi capital in 58 years.

At least 10 people, including eight men and two women, died in a week due to the scorching heat, the government confirmed, highlighting the impact of successive extreme heat weather conditions.

Bangladesh is currently grappling with one of the most severe heatwaves in recent years. Primary and secondary schools have been ordered to close until today.


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