Government to Table Gig Commission Bill This July – Anwar

Government to Table Gig Commission Bill This July – Anwar

MELAKA: The government will table a bill related to the Gig Commission in Parliament this July, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He stated that the government took the step to present the bill after receiving a proposal from the youth previously.

“Recently, there was a proposal from the youth. They requested the establishment of a Gig Commission because tens of thousands, even reaching 100,000 young people, are working in the gig economy sector. The government immediately drafted and completed the legislation (for the Gig Commission) and, God willing, it can be tabled in Parliament this coming July. When we hear the voice of the youth, we not only listen but also implement their requests,” he said.

He mentioned this while speaking at the National-level National Youth Day (HBN) 2024 celebration at Dataran Pahlawan, Banda Hilir here today. Present were Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh, Minister of Youth and Sports Hannah Yeoh and her deputy Adam Adli Abdul Halim, Deputy Minister of Communications Teo Nie Ching, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali, and President of the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) Mohd Izzat Afifi Abdul Hamid.

Anwar, in his speech at the closing of the Bumiputera Economic Congress (KEB) in Putrajaya last March, announced the establishment of the Gig Worker Commission to protect the rights of 1.12 million gig workers, focusing on meeting social needs, resolving contract disputes, and encouraging career advancement for this group.

In addition, Anwar said Malaysia could become a great nation in the region if its people are united, eliminating arrogance and narrow-minded racism among the community. He mentioned that youths should equip themselves with knowledge and sufficient information, as they are known not just for their voice but their noble aspirations and idealism.

“Therefore, we must reject narrow-minded racism and rigid religious beliefs that weaken us, but uphold religion in terms of good faith and good morals. This is the responsibility of the youth because any decisions we make should be based on knowledge,” he said.

In the same development, Anwar also announced an additional allocation of RM3 million to the Malaysian Youth Council to implement programs and manage youth clubs nationwide.

“And for the Rakan Muda (Youth Friends) program, which is a priority, the Ministry of Youth (and Sports) will add to it, and youth programs must be prioritized and supported. So I agree to hand this over to Hannah, so that we can complete it to RM10 million this year,” he said.


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