Global solo adventure mission covers 40 countries

Global solo adventure mission covers 40 countries

KUALA LUMPUR: Katiravan Subarayan, 63, a Malaysian citizen on a global motorcycle adventure mission to promote environmental awareness, continues to make remarkable progress. The last time Bernama contacted him was in February when he arrived in the 32nd country, Kingston, Jamaica, riding his beloved motorcycle named “Parameswara”. Since then, this retired electrician has crossed many countries in South America, including Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.

During his journey on the continent, he received friendly hospitality, had the opportunity to witness various cultures, participated in extreme sports, and enjoyed a variety of cuisines. “His stories and images from South America provide a new perspective to the people of Malaysia, revealing the natural beauty, cleanliness, and safety of the continent.

Panama is impressive with its development, while Colombia and the city of Medellin, often misunderstood through news reports about drug cartels, are clean, stunning, and safe. Recalling his journey since the last interview, Katiravan shared that he has reached the 40th country, Colombia, riding his powerful motorcycle, a BMW R 1200cc GSA, to the city of Medellin.

In addition to his mission to spread environmental awareness, Katiravan has successfully planted 66 trees across the countries he has visited, emphasizing the importance of sustainable living and adding more trees to this planet. Alongside his mission to promote environmental awareness, Katiravan has successfully planted 66 trees in the countries he visited, emphasizing the importance of sustainable living and adding more trees to this planet. Through sharing captivating images and videos with Bernama, he has opened the eyes of Malaysians to the wonders of a continent less known to them, sparking curiosity and excitement.

When asked about the sweet memories of his global adventure, Katiravan said, “It was most enjoyable to meet friendly individuals always ready to help and to enjoy a variety of cuisines.” “Many people I met did not know about Malaysia, but through the Google Translator app, I could share the beauty of my homeland,” he said. Katiravan acknowledges the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in bridging language barriers and facilitating communication across continents. “AI technology has helped bridge the communication gap between humans from different parts of this planet,” he said.

While enjoying gastronomic adventures abroad, Katiravan admits to greatly missing Malaysian cuisine. “The food throughout the journey is fascinating, but I miss special Malaysian dishes like chicken rendang, spicy tamarind dishes, and coconut rice.” However, finding food that suits his palate is easier than expected for Katiravan, as he discovers various Indian restaurants throughout his journey. Moreover, some local eateries serve rice and curry, providing a delightful variation. “Rice might be everywhere, but it’s the spicy taste that evokes memories of home,” he said.

In his efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues, Katiravan has gained widespread support from the people he has encountered. “Many people I met support the issue and express their concern for the environment and acknowledge the impact of global warming. Their support is invaluable,” he said. On Monday, Katiravan and six other motorcyclists from Colombia planted seven trees at the summit of a hill known as the “Family Welfare Park” in Medellin.

“Our initial plan was to plant only three trees, but as we planted those trees, the neighbors asked us to plant more trees and were willing to contribute financially. They are truly noble. “What’s interesting is that the event received participation and support from local school students. While I spoke in English, other motorcyclists translated my words into Spanish,” he said, recalling the success of the mission when joined by local environmental group leader, Steven Pa Buena, along with students, parents, and the community.

Although thousands of kilometers away from Malaysia, Katiravan did not forget to extend his wishes for Eid al-Fitr to the Muslim community celebrating the holiday. He also emphasized road safety, reminding people to drive carefully as their return home is eagerly awaited by their families. Katiravan’s solo adventure began in early January 2023 from Malaysia with the goal of traveling to 106 countries worldwide with his companion, “Parameswara”. His commitment to spreading awareness about global warming and showcasing the beauty of Malaysia has led him to choose overland travel. Aiming to make a positive difference for a better tomorrow, Katiravan also aims to showcase and promote Malaysia’s natural beauty as a multicultural nation living in peace and harmony.


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