Gerakan wants Penang govt to solve water, traffic troubles

Gerakan wants Penang govt to solve water, traffic troubles

Andrew Ooi says these concerns impact the everyday lives of local folk.

PENANG Gerakan has called on the state government to look into long-term solutions to overcome the water and traffic problems faced by the people in the state. Gerakan Public Complaints Bureau head Andrew Ooi said these issues need immediate attention as they have a direct impact on the everyday lives of the people.

“We are not concerned about politics but on the increasing number of complaints from the people. These problems are real and affect our everyday lives and warrant immediate solutions.

“The Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) was once the nation’s top water concessionaire. Now, it is hit with daily breakdowns and burst pipe issues. To make things worse, next month, there will be four-day water cuts at a time when humidity levels are high,” he said.

Ooi said the state needs to help PBAPP regain its status as a top water services provider, adding that the manufacturing and services’ sectors would be among those most critically affected by the constant water supple interruptions.

An undersea pipe that burst two days ago had also disrupted water supply to several localities in Penang. Then comes the traffic congestion, which has reached a choking level, said Ooi.

“Bottlenecks are a daily affair and made worse by the ongoing school holidays.”

The state’s only excuse is to wait for the unfolding of the Penang Transport Master Plan, but the people in essence been waiting for the past decade, he added. He suggested that the authorities take action now with perhaps imposing congestion charges or ensuring that the take-up rate for public transport is higher.

“It is time for Penang to focus on the people rather than the politics of governance. As the state has high density, it is only natural for more complaints to be lodged due to the challenging conditions of living here,” said Ooi.

He also said it is time for the state to engage external experts to help with certain issues.

– The Vibes, December 20, 2023.

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