Foreign companies need to be ready to help Malaysia develop the defense industry – Mohamed Khaled

Foreign companies need to be ready to help Malaysia develop the defense industry – Mohamed Khaled

ANKARA: Foreign companies that intend to be suppliers of Malaysian military assets need to be prepared to help the country develop certain sectors to contribute to the local defense industry.

The Minister of Defense, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, said that it is very important for this country to build capabilities in the defense industry so that Malaysia’s level of dependence on foreign countries is not comprehensive.

“This is one of the efforts we are making. It is true that we will make a purchase (of military assets), but we do not want it to end with a purchase alone. Basically, any company that will be named later needs to have a “roadmap” and a “milestone.”

“Mindef (the Ministry of Defense) will measure whether it is worthwhile and really beneficial to the development of the country’s defense technology,” he said at a press conference after making an industrial visit to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) here.

Mohamed Khaled is in the framework of an official visit to Turkey for five days since Sunday.

Commenting further, he said that Turkey is one of the countries that is ready to cooperate and help Malaysia in the matter of developing the local defense industry.

“We can see Turkey’s capabilities because they successfully sold their defense assets to several other countries. Meaning they are comparable to the world’s defense technology-producing countries.

“Turkey’s advantage is because they are willing to share and transfer defense technology to our country, while our approach does not necessarily produce complete products or equipment because we can play a role in being a supplier of the components of the product,” he said.

During the visit, the delegates were shown the advances in defense technology displayed by Turkey, and the country on the border of the Asian and European continents is already in a class of its own.

The TUSAS area covers an area of four million square meters and has various facilities, including the main assembly warehouse, tarmac, and a runway for fighter jets to facilitate the affairs of the technical team to conduct tests and hangars.

The Malaysian delegation was also treated to a mini-air show involving TUSAS’ latest T129 Atak combat helicopter and a Hurjet light fighter jet that performed amazing acrobatic stunts.

Mohamed Khaled said that his party has a proposal so that Malaysia is also equipped with combat helicopters, but the matter has not been finalized yet.

“Indeed, if you look at the study of the Defense White Paper, the country needs combat helicopters, not just helicopters that transport goods but also personnel,” he said, who believes that whatever decision is made must be in accordance with the country’s capabilities. – BERNAMA

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