Football Violence: Sparks National and Global Concerns, Could Affects Tourism Industry – Al-Hafizi

Football Violence: Sparks National and Global Concerns, Could Affects Tourism Industry – Al-Hafizi

KUALA LUMPUR: Together with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), the Malaysian Association of Youth Clubs (MAYC) denounces any aggression directed against national athletes that goes beyond the boundaries of sportsmanship.

“MAYC condemns this action, which indirectly instills fear among the people in this country regarding public safety.

“Three incidents that occurred within a short period have raised various questions among the football community both domestically and internationally.

Football violence may have an effect on the nation’s tourism industry, according to MAYC National President Mohd Al-Hafizi Abu Bakar while holding a press conference at MAYC Headquarters on Friday.

“The impact of these events creates a sense of insecurity among the public and may lead to a loss of confidence in engaging in outdoor activities, and if not addressed promptly, it could impact the tourism industry in this country.

Al-Hafizi also exhorts the nation’s youth to inculcate moral principles among themselves in order to prevent the detrimental consequences of irrational emotional outbursts.

“As a youth organization committed to nurturing caring and patriotic youth of the nation through civic education, sports, and recreation activities, MAYC takes incidents like this seriously so that the nation’s next generation can learn the true ethics or moral values of society in their actions and the consequences if they let emotions like anger lead them astray from the path of proper conduct.

MAYC gathers its members from across the country to join the Rapat MAYC program held online on the ‘MAYC Channel’ Facebook page on May 10th at 8:30 PM to pray for the swift recovery of Mr. Faizal Halim.

“We pray for the swift recovery of Faizal Halim, in particular, and hope that he returns to the field and continues to contribute to enhancing Malaysia’s reputation through national football and international football matches.

MAYC also calls on the authorities, through the security forces, to promptly investigate and ensure the safety of all parties.

“MAYC emphasizes the importance for the government, through the authorities, to take immediate action against the perpetrators. It is crucial and necessary to restore the public’s confidence in public safety.

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