Flood’s Blessing: Residents Catch Valuable 18-Kilogram Red Mahseer Fish Worth Almost RM4,000

Flood’s Blessing: Residents Catch Valuable 18-Kilogram Red Mahseer Fish Worth Almost RM4,000

KUALA BERANG: A land fisherman never expected the calamity of the flood to bring a windfall with the appearance of an 18-kilogram red mahseer fish in Sungai Berang, near Kampung Pengkalan Ajal here.
Nordin Embong, 57, said the relatively rare species of fish was caught in his nephew Mohd Hafifi Abu Bakar’s net, around 5 p.m. yesterday.

“My nephew, Hafifi, set the net around 3 p.m. yesterday in the river. After two hours, he pulled his net, but found it unusually difficult to pull because it was heavy.
“It turns out there was a red mahseer fish almost half the size of an adult human body trapped in it. We were all surprised when he brought back such a big fish,” he said when met at his home in Kampung Pengkalan Ajal today.

According to Nordin, the market price for red mahseer fish is around RM150 to RM200 per kilogram, and the discovered red mahseer fish could fetch around RM3,600.
“That price is for dead fish. If this fish were still alive, its price would be twice as expensive. Yesterday, someone contacted me wanting to buy this fish if it was still alive to be used as a broodstock, but the fish had died, and he canceled his intention to buy,” he added, mentioning that the fish died after a few hours of being brought home.

Nordin said that during the flood season, most residents would engage in land fishing as a side income, but the giant-sized red mahseer fish was claimed to be the first to appear in their village.

“In my entire life, this is the first time I’ve seen a red mahseer fish this big. Even before this, the largest I’ve ever seen was only 10 kilograms. I caught that fish myself during last year’s flood season,” he said.

According to Nordin, the land fish caught by residents is usually purchased by restaurant entrepreneurs around Kuala Berang.


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