Experience Sintoho’s new culinary celebration of life at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya

Experience Sintoho’s new culinary celebration of life at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya

Say goodbye to the hush of traditional dining and welcome a new era of culinary flair at the iconic Asian restaurant Sintoho at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya – where every evening celebrates life, flavour and the city’s vibrant pulse.

Revamping itself on the top floor of Four Seasons Kuwait City hub, Sintoho is a stylish modern gathering spot with a hip, high club-like vibe. The epitome of urban chic, this thoroughly modern dining room will be fusing beats, bites and city lights each evening until late into the night, creating a pulsating gathering point for the city’s creative energy.

Sintoho’s vibrant transformation is a toast to the vivacity of urban life, bringing an energy that’s all about living life out loud. It’s a celebration of shared laughter over signature dishes, stories that flow as easily as the mocktails, and moments as memorable as the cuisine.

A View That Vibrates with Energy

Every night at Sintoho is elevated with panoramic 12-metre-high (40 foot) views of the city and the Arabian Gulf through a dazzling wall of windows. The visual feast is enriched by custom furniture from Kyoto artisans, a striking Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood) counter intricately inlaid with hand-hammered brass, and stunning water drop glass pendants from the creative minds at London-based DHLiberty Lux. The restaurant also plays host to arresting bespoke artworks by renowned Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Bukhamseen.

All Hail Chef Wattana Lai-On

Driven by the same fiery creativity as Kuwait City, Sintoho’s culinary maestro Chef Wattana Lai-On leads the team with an enormous sense of flair and fun, inherited from his mother alongside her talent in the kitchen. This early experience launched a dazzling 25-year career that has inspired him to share the vibrant Asian food scene worldwide and present a menu at Sintoho that is as kind to the planet as it is pleasing to the palate.

A Celebration of The Senses

Chef Wattana Lai-On’s signature dishes include: the zesty Yellow Tail Carpaccio with jalapeno, green chilli, and leche tigre dressing; the adventurous Blow-Torched Roll with flame-kissed maki, succulent tuna and salmon, and a drizzle of creamy mayo and teriyaki; and the indulgent Luxury Bite with tender wagyu beef, rich foie gras, the finest caviar and truffle shavings.

Diners can also enjoy dim sum delights from the crisp, verdant burst of Exotic Vegetables Crystal Dim Sum to the pillowy richness of the Shitake Mushroom Bao and the subtle smokiness of the Duck Gyoza, all expertly crafted in the traditional style.

Vegans will feel equally at home with culinary masterpieces such as the bold and spicy Mapo Tofu, delicate and earthy Cha Soba, and the velvety but refreshing Mango Pudding by Chef Thierry Pappilier.

Diners with a sweet tooth will also love The Zen Rock, featuring a lush manjari cremeux, tangy cranberry, warm and spicy ginger confit, chocolate crumble, refreshing galangal ice cream, and whisper-light meringue.

Christopher “Boom” Verzosa, Mixology Magician

Christopher “Boom” Verzosa isn’t just a mixologist; he’s a magician, celebrating life in all its flavours, just like Sintoho. Look out for his signature Spice It Up Mocktail, which skillfully blends the zesty spirit of Southeast Asia with subtle additions of pandan leaf, spices and a hint of chilli to create an experience that pairs perfectly with the lively exotic flair of Sintoho’s Asian cuisine.

Sintoho invites diners to immerse themselves in a celebration of life, flavour and Kuwait City’s vibrant pulse from 5:00 pm until 12:00 midnight every day except Sunday. To be one of the first to experience the new-look Sintoho, contact 2200 6000.


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