eMadani: 6.5 million applications approved, RM650mil credited – Ahmad Maslan

eMadani: 6.5 million applications approved, RM650mil credited – Ahmad Maslan

PUTRAJAYA,. A total of 6.5 million eMADANI credit assistance applications have been approved and credited to recipients, involving an allocation of RM650 million thus far, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan.

Speaking to reporters while conducting a survey of eMADANI credit redemption at a supermarket today, Ahmad said that another 1.8 million applications are still in the approval process which will take one to five days.

“A huge number of people have applied in these three days, even though we are open until Feb 20, 2024, and can be cashed in until Feb 29, next year.

“However, those who feel that they are eligible but fail in the application, they can appeal,” he said, adding that applications on all other e-wallet service provider applications will be rejected if they fail on the first application.

He said that those who failed could appeal through several platforms, including sending an email through mailto:[email protected] or calling 03-8882 4565 or 1 800 88 2747.

The four e-wallet service providers are Shopee, MAE Maybank, Touch n’ Go and Setel Petronas.

Meanwhile, he said that one of the reasons for individuals failing to apply, or not being included in the eligibility group, is that they did not submit their tax for the assessment year 2022 within the stipulated period.
This is because eligibility is identified using the 2022 assessment year tax return if the applicant is not a Rahmah Cash Assistance recipient, he added.

“If they make a tax declaration and are still ineligible, there is a possibility of discrepancy on their names’ registration between the e-wallet platforms and IRB records, and they can appeal.

“For example, individuals who are unable to apply also include university students, because they have received eBeliaRahmah,” he said, adding that issues related to eMADANI applications faced by the public will be brought to the post-Cabinet meeting of the Ministry of Finance.

Meanwhile, he said that the strict condition set for the eMADANI is part of the effort to help micro, small and medium enterprises (PKMS).

“We want to help the people by developing the local economy, and not big companies, for example, for toll payments and so on,” he said.

eMADANI credit registration and claims, open on Monday (Dec 4), will benefit 10 million people, involving an allocation of RM1 billion.


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